Resilience Traits to Help Physicians Fight Burnout

Pause for a moment. Do you react negatively when burnout discussions involve resilience training? If so, what if you put that reaction on hold? What if you could still learn something of value in this blog? Let’s see. First we have to guard against the negative reaction. If we understand how complex resilience can be, we will probably acknowledge that physicians who develop resilience skills can effectively fight back burnout. In fact, we can all work to improve our resilience, and we should encourage ALL physicians to continually build their resiliency traits.

There are many ways to define physician resilience. At SurgeonMasters, we describe resilience as that which helps us meet challenges by redefining adversity as an opportunity. It is reinforced by preparation, self-awareness, and commitment to core beliefs. Here are two tips for improving physician resilience.

Prepare for all Scenarios

We realize it’s not realistic to account for every possible situation, but preparing for how you may recover from potential situations can really help. Physicians by training usually prepare for the worst. In fact, that is the majority of the preparation. Knowing what we will do in that situation helps WHEN THEY DO OCCUR. We must be mentally prepared for change. We get to choose how we react to any given scenario. We should also spend a reasonable amount of time preparing for the best or other positive outcomes.

Increase Awareness of Triggers

Developing emotional self-awareness around negative situations can help us understand ourselves (and our teams) in times of crisis. Take a look at how we and others react to stressful situations, and what triggers our stress and anxiety levels. Can we limit the factors that trigger stress? Can we mitigate the impact of stress on us when we are triggered? Having strategies ready when situations do occur helps us think clearly and react swiftly.

If you’re searching for a thriving community of like-minded physicians, look no further than SurgeonMasters. We are a group of physicians looking to build sustainable and lifestyle-friendly practices through resilience and wellness. Contact us today to learn more about SurgeonMasters!

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