How to Master the Soft Skills They Never Taught You in Medical School

You’ve always heard about and known the importance of “soft skills”.

Things like, “communication.” And as we dig deeper into this topic, this further breaks down into things like:

  • Your ability to listen.
  • How effectively do you speak?
  • Can you read nonverbal signs?
  • Are you effective at negotiation and persuasion?

Or, take the topic of “critical thinking.”

Can you navigate a situation with:

  • creativity
  • adaptability
  • flexibility
  • outside the box thinking

These are some of the concepts and softer skills that Dr. Bradley Block explores in his podcast, Physician’s Guide to Doctoring.

It’s a great resource to learn some of these skills that, unfortunately, were not addressed in medical school.

As life becomes increasingly busy for physicians, using a variety of mediums to access a plethora of information is expected nowadays by physicians. Podcasts become a popular means of obtaining that content we crave or to at least supplement our medical education. Well… at least we would hope.

If you’re like Dr. Bradley Block, ENT and Host of the Physician’s Guide to Doctoring, he was interested in learning how to better interact with his patients. While on his search for luring interviews and charismatic hosts, he found that they exist, but then wondered why he was never taught the practical aspects of his profession while memorizing Krebs cycle.

What happened next departed Dr. Block on a several year journey of idea conception and launch of his first ever podcast. He focuses on the content he needed to learn, and now shuffles creative interviews about the soft skills not taught to doctors in medical school.

“I needed to start from somewhere. Then, I realized I’m a physician, a strong undergraduate; I went to medical school; and so, my peers, my friends that I picked up along the way, are experts too. I figured I could just start interviewing them and that would create my initial content.”

Podcasting is a passion project for many doctors, though, you won’t get on the list of best doctor podcasts without first having started one. Between topics of leadership, finances, passion pursuits, burnout, and wellness, physician experts are becoming more open to creating content than ever before. Just what we need to see!

Knowing the importance of physician experts going public, Dr. Block believes in just getting started. Listen to this episode as he admits that starting a podcast wasn’t easy, but he’s happy the journey finally set on a path forward.

Source: Doctor's Unbound

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