You Know How to Suture a Wound
But Have No Idea How to File a 1099a

Physicians work incredibly hard to become successful, spending many years studying and perfecting their skills, but unfortunately upon graduation, most are incredibly unprepared for the actual realities of being a physician. That’s because today, becoming a successful physician also means being a smart business person.

THEPHYSICIAN’SEDGE is a micro-learning resource developed by physicians who understand the business side of medicine. Our physicians speak your language, and understand the specific challenges that you will face as you embark upon your career. Who better to deliver the business side of medicine to physicians, than other physicians?

Maximize Your Business Acumen
With Our Micro-learning Approach

We know physicians are busy caring for patients and building their careers, so we’ve developed a way to help make content easy to consume and retain. It’s called MICRO-LEARNING — where trusted advisors deliver comprehensive, relevant content in segments that is divided into short units, like chapters of a book. This modular, learn-at your-own-pace approach is ideal for viewing on a desktop, laptop, or any mobile device.

Videos Videos

Delivered directly by physicians for physicians, streaming video provides audio/visual simplicity that tracks through the most important information with ease.

White Papers White Papers

For those who prefer to read, content is available in easy-to-read white papers, complete with graphics, call-outs and summaries.

Podcasts Podcasts

Perfect for when you’re commuting, working out at the gym, or simply don’t have time to sit and read or watch.


So Much Relevant, Curated Content
Your Amygdala Couldn’t Be Happier

Our simple-to-follow tutorials guide you through the key subjects that confront today’s physicians. This modular approach divides hundreds of tutorials into specific categories and segmented into easy-to-follow units.

Business Insights

Get thought leadership on the important issues that confront today’s physicians and discover insights to help you best navigate the healthcare industry.

Career Paths

Learn how to grow and develop your career and your employees.

Financial Planning

Discover how to manage salaries, finances, budgets, 401k plans, profit sharing and more.

Physician Wellness

Find important information on how to manage the health and well being of yourself and your staff.

Public Policy

Hear the latest on the legislative issues that are relevant to the healthcare industry.

Created for Physicians,
For White-coated Business People

When you subscribe to THEPHYSICIAN’SEDGE you’ll get access to hundreds of hours of video tutorials presented by world-class physicians who are also accomplished business people. Many of the tutorials are also available as white papers or audio files.

THEPHYSICIAN’SEDGE provides you with all the relevant insights to become a successful business person at your pace, at a fraction of the cost of an MBA.

White-label Enterprise Solutions
By Physicians Who’ve Mastered Business

When physicians understand business better, entire organizations can benefit. We can fully customize content to meet the needs of entire healthcare systems both large and small. The build-out can include the following items:

Branded homepage and navigation pages.

Pre- and post-module assessments.

High-quality and high-resolution video courses.

Note-taking functionality.

Calendar integration.

System-specific physician community platform.

Like the Best Physicians
We’re Happy to Give Private Consultations

THEPHYSICIAN’SEDGE is fully committed to the success of Enterprise Clients. All Enterprise Clients are assigned a dedicated team to ensure that the platform is fully-integrated and utilized to its full potential. In addition this support team provides implementation support through the length of the relationship.

For inquiries regarding Consulting Services, please contact Keenan Bolden, Head of Business Development